1997 JDM DC2 with a nearly the whole Spoon Catalogue.

Used as a demonstration vehicle by SSE, including many shows and some track days.


Mileage – 112766 (will rise as I expect I will use it)

Year – 1997

MOT – May 2015

Service history – Some. Serviced between every track day with oil / filters changed.


Chassis, Interior and Exterior:

-              The body of the car is in reasonable condition, however there are dings and the rear spoiler is crazed. The rear boot floor as the usual water ingress that has not been addressed as yet, so there is some surface rust. I intended on getting it to a body shop but time didn’t allow. The underside is good but will benefit from being undersealed. The rear is stripped with the headlining and most comfort parts still in place up front. There is no radio or speakers.

Spoon Carbon Bonnet

Spoon Carbon Mirrors

Spoon Carbon Lip Spoiler

Buddyclub Racing seats

Takata Harnesses

Spoon Steering wheel

Spoon Steering Wheel Boss

Spoon Wide Blue Mirror Glass

Spoon Duracon Shift Knob

Spoon Aero Wipers

Spoon Front and Rear Strut Bars

Rigid Collars



-              Inspected when we installed the differential – engineer’s commenter were worn but no damage. It shifts well with no crunches or whines.

Spoon Shift Link Bushes

Spoon Change Rod

Spoon Limited Slip Differential

Spoon Engine / Transmission Mounts



-              Bushes have all inspected and are all in reasonable condition with no knocks or bangs.

Spoon Fixed Dampers

Spoon Progressive Springs



-              Full hub upgrade to 5x114.3. New wheel bearings all round. Brand new Spoon Twinblock calipers, DIXCEL discs and pads, refurbished rear calipers and HEL brake lines. Intended on removing the servo and ABS as I favour a twin cylinder system but never got round to it.

Spoon Twinblock Calipers

HEL hoses

DIXCEL FCR FS front Rotors 80%

DIXCEL HS Rear Rotors 95%

DIXCEL Z type Front and Rear Pads. 80% front and rear

DIXCEL 328 Racing Fluid

Spoon Extended Lugs on the front hubs


Intake and Exhaust

-              Replaced everything with Spoon and a second hand but good condition OEM air box. Passes all noise tests at 100db at 4500 rpm without bung.

Spoon 4-2-1 Manifold


Spoon B-Pipe

Spoon N1

Spoon Air Filter



-              Engine was replaced just before we purchased the car at the cost of about 3K. It pulls like a train and has been strong.

Spoon Yellow Head Cover

Spoon High Tension Leads

Spoon Carbon Plug cover

Spoon Mag Drain Bolts

Spoon Engine / Transmission Mounts

Spoon Oil Filler Cap

Spoon Baffled Sump



Spoon 4.2Kg Flywheel

Spoon Metal Clutch

Spoon Pressure Plate

Spoon Release Bearing



Spoon Thermostat

Spoon Thermoswitch

Spoon SEP Rad Hoses

Spoon Radiator Cap

Mishimoto Radiator (not installed)



-              Can either be sold with freshly powdered white 15 inch UKDM wheels with nearly new AD08 rubber or 17 inch Spoon CR93 with nearly new Yoko Prada Spec 2’s



£6500 for the car without the following: CR93’s or Spoon Bonnet. If you are interested with everything thrown in then additional costs can be discussed.


All serious enquiries welcomed info@spoonsportseurope.net 01934 751085