Donnington - 30th September 2017




Words “Ben Rushworth”

So, after my sworn reform to get time management into order, what else could I do but completely cock up and turn up 10 minutes late for quali, thinking I was early.

What proceeded after was a *bleep* resulting in me just managing to get 4th, which is just plain *bleep*.

However, that didn’t mean quali wasn’t interesting, my new free range camera had a nice trip around the cockpit.

I had a lovely moment exiting the Craners, which is my first ever spin at Donny, and quite a good one might I add. I thought trying to take it flat was a hero move, but the car and I just wasn't ready.


In fact, my reference for speed at Donny is my old Metro, and suffice to say I was tuning up at corners significantly faster and having to totally re adjust everything..... but hey, this all happened over 5 laps or so......

Quali VLOG -




Words “Ben Rushworth”

Sometimes when you try your hardest to employ strategy, that’s when luck leaves you standing holding your *bleep*

Full of confidence in the car and myself, unlucky calls on setup just left me frustrated and frankly, annoyed with myself.

Last race weekend of the season and you think to yourself, weather looks bad..... should I get those new inters, should I get a new set of drys......nah....she'll be alright.

She wasn't, she was an absolute ball buster.

Race was meant to be dry, we went out with the skys clearing, sun poking out, and the expected downpour not appearing to come until much later in the day.

I hate weather forecasters..... is there another job where you can so routinely get things wrong and stay employed? haha

Suffice to say, keeping the thing on the track was hard, slow and frustrating, wet lines didn’t work, dry lines didn’t work, my car didn’t want to turn....couldn’t get a smidgen of power down. But the brakes were badass!

Race 1 VLOG -




Words “Ben Rushworth”

Well, its come down to this!

A single point separating Ali (green Fiesta) and I and the title on the line.

When I started the season, this was a shakedown year, new car, new series, new competitors, and a lot of unknowns.......... let’s look at it subjectively, I've only driven a DC2 a total of 12 races over 6 weekends, so it’s been a testing time.

I thought I might finish 3rd this year, but coming into Donny, with it on the cars, I was dead set to take the title.

With the weather predictions working in my favour, all I could do was run with it and take the gamble.

Unfortunately, my wet setup went to waste as the race was bone dry when we went to assembly. I had to pedal extra hard, but realistically it was almost futile as I just had no answer to the power advantage, and Donny is not a stop start circuit, it’s all about flow and grunt.

I hope you enjoy the final race, and thanks for taking this little journey with me, I hope to really step things up next season and bring some out of car content over winter.

Race 2 VLOG -