KWM Inch up Complete Kit for S2000

KWM Inch up Complete Kit for S2000

KWM Inch up Complete Kit for S2000

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Full kit: This full kit includes everything needed to “inch up” your brakes to 320mm all round.



If you are looking for a solution to increase the braking performance of your S2000 utilizing high quality components but without the premium cost of a racing brake caliper then look no further.


The KWM “inch up” kit utilizes the original caliper but replaces the caliper torque member to allow the use of a considerably larger rotor.


Front rotor – KWM 320mm – OEM 300mm - +20mm rotor increase

Rear Rotor – KWM 320mm – OEM 282mm - +38mm rotor increase


Inch Up Torque Member


KWM original torque member is installed directly to the knuckle without using extension bracket with improves twist rigidity


Sliding pins, pin boots and pad retainer are all pre-installed for ease of installation


You can feel the difference on braking response during hard braking.


“Inch” Up Rotor


Made from high quality high carbon materials and heat treated to remove internal distortion.


Optimized ratio between Pearlite and Ferrite (two phased layering in the material structure) causes significantly improved crack resistance  and resistance to distortion.


The slots are of original design to ensure the pressure and ware of the brake pad is evenly spread throughout the pad. Thus braking power increases.


Front and rear rotor size are “inched” up to the same diameter to achieve more balanced braking power within the four wheels.


Anti-corrosion protection is applied on all rotors.


Benefits of the KWM INCH UP kit.


  • Hassel free installation without bleeding of brakes. Just change the torque member (caliper support) and rotor with KWM original parts.
  • Low cost high performance front and rear braking kit. This is compared to other front and rear brake kits of equivalent rotor size
  • Retains OEM pad profile allowing access to a huge variety of affordable braking compounds. Often pads in Race caliper profiles are hugely expensive.
  • Made in Japan


Final Thoughts


We came across this great product at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2018. Since then we have installed and tested the kit on Aaron Burleys S2000 race car that was originally running OEM brakes with uprated pads and rotors.


The issues Aaron had been facing before installation of the kit were;

Lack of confidence in the brakes

Poor braking performance

Poor brake balance

Very high pad ware (especially to the rear axle) due to the insufficiently sized OEM rotors


Since installation Arron has found a huge increase in overall braking performance. He is able to confidently brake later, harder and considerably reduced his lap time. Brake rotor temperatures have been reduced by over 100 degrees despite improved lap times and the pad ware rate on the rear axle has been dramatically reduced saving him a fortune in friction materials! On the OEM set up he was using a set of rear pads every race weekend which is a saving of over £150 every time the he takes the car out racing!


For a more detailed review from Aaron please visit his public review on S2ki -

Vehicle Fitment
S2000 - This full kit includes everything needed to “inch up” your brakes to 320mm all round.
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