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FRP and Carbon Fiber Construction. 
Made in Japan.

Includes Fog lamps, covers, wireless remote switch, and carbon fiber front undertray. Does NOT include grill.

The Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper was developed with racing experience since 1999. The bumper is designed to supply cooling to the required regions. Built-in duct opening for the Spoon Fresh Air Duct. The Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper is the culmination of years of experience with Super Taikyu endurance racing and other forms of motorsport. It’s design is inspired by many functional features that are required in racing. 

The most obvious features over a factory bumper are the brake and intake ducts. The brake ducts allow for connection to a tube that can provide cooling for the brake system. Maintaining a constant working temperature is essential in the durability of the braking system during endurance racing. The air intake duct provides an opening to connect the optional Spoon Fresh Air Intake Duct to supply fresh cold air to the intake box. Fresh cold air allows the engine to continue running strong during the entire length of a race.

The bumper is longer than the factory front bumper to increase front end down force. However, the height is the same to retain sufficient ground clearance. The curvature of the bottom section channels air cleanly around the front bumper in order to decrease drag.

Included are large bright driving lights that are a necessity during the late night stages of an endurance race and can dramatically increase the road illumination for any driving condition road or track. The lights are covered by a durable polycarbonate lens to protect from cracking and maintain the aerodynamics of the front bumper.

The lights are mounted to the bumper with a weather sealed housing that allow for angle adjustment of the beam to fine tune for any situation. Also included is a complete wiring kit with it’s own fuse and weather sealed connectors for quick and easy bumper removals. The wiring kit also features a wireless remote switch so wires into the cabin aren’t required and the switch can be mounted anywhere the driver prefers.

Another prominent feature of the exterior is the venting duct on the side of the bumper. The venting duct allow for hot air from the engine and radiator that’s trapped in the bumper to be drawn and ducted out to prevent heat soak of the front end. 

Something very few aftermarket bumpers retain is the ability to use the factory tow hook instead of requiring an expensive aftermarket solutions. The shape and location of the cut-out allows the use of the factory tow hook cover and tow hook for convenience and ease of use.

Often the most overlooked part of what makes this bumper special is the also the most important. Included with the Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper is a full carbon fiber removable undertray with a honeycomb reinforcement. The addition of the undertray speeds up and diffuses the air underneath the front bumper to increase front end downforce without adding any drag. The undertray is made of full carbon fiber for maximum weight savings. It’s not simply one layer of carbon fiber laid on top of fiberglass for aesthetics like other aftermarket bumpers. The undertray is bolted to the rest of the bumper and removable for ease of access to the underside of the car when mounted or removal during paint. The 2-piece construction is also important in preventing a location for the cracks to occur if something is hit. Other aftermarket bumpers that feature a moulded undertray almost always crack at the seam where the bottom section is bonded to the rest of the bumper. The undertray also features bent edges and a honeycomb reinforcement panel to increase strength and prevent sagging and deflection at speed. Maintaining a stable structure is important in providing a reliable and consistent aerodynamic benefit. 

Looking at the back side of the bumper you can see the center section is extended longer to provide a duct to the radiator for more efficient cooling from the air that enters the front of the bumper. And of course the Spoon badge is moulded into the bumper and serial numbered for authenticity.

Lastly, for proper street use, holes and a license plate bracket are included for mounting of a front license plate. 

Optional accessories for the Spoon S-Tai Front Bumper are the Front Grill and Fresh Air Duct. The Front Grill protects large road debris from entering the radiator area and damaging the vital cooling system. The fresh air duct is specifically designed to channel cold air in from the bumper cut-out into the factory air box. This carbon Kevlar duct requires the use of the Spoon S-Tai Bonnet or cutting the factory hood to make space for the increased duct size.

Vehicle Fitment

Suitable for all S2000 AP1 & AP2

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