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Over long term use or racing, the factory brake pedal can bend or become loose. To prevent distortion, the Spoon Brake Pedal Box is reinforced at the mounting bracket and at the pedal arm. The gusset plates add additional strength and rigidity for an improved and consistent brake feel.

Vehicle Fitment

Suitable for Integra DC5 Type R

Right hand drive only

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    Product Overview

    For the ultimate in endurance racing, we offer the Spoon Blueprinted Complete Engine Assembly. Each engine assembly is a JDM Honda long block straight from Spoon's engine assembly room. Spoon mechanics reassemble the engines with precision balances and blueprint each component down to 0.02g ensure optimum performance during endurance racing.

    The engines are assembles in Spoon Type One workshop in Tokyo Japan. Each unit is assembled by hand under the close inspection of the highly experienced engineers. The engines are built to provide excellent performance, drivability and reliability.

    During the build, you have the option of installing a range of Spoon performance upgrades which include Spoon Camshafts and a Spoon Baffled oil pan. These performance components are an additional cost to the engine build but there is no extra charge for fitting them. 


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    Product Overview

    The Spoon exhaust b-pipe is designed in conjunction with the Spoon header and muffler to provide the most ideal exhaust flow while also reducing weight.

    The forward position of the silencer provides higher exhaust gas temperature to increase catalyser efficiency and a higher silencing effect. An internal diameter of 60.5 mm has been selected to work with the displacement of the vehicle.

    Whist it is possible to increase the power output and torque the weight saving is also of great benefit.

    Can be used in conjunction with the Spoon Tail silencer or the factory muffler. 


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  • Rigid Collar Front Kit

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    RIGID COLLAR are simple in their shape but clever in their design.

    Rigid Collars are made from a secret blend of space materials which ensures they mount perfectly flat between the chassis and subframe taking up any imperfection in the mounting surfaces.

    Rigid Collars cure chassis movement, improve handling, reduce road noise, reduce vibration, improve braking and make the car safer.

    This is achieved by the collar material, the tapered design and extremely high manufacturing tolerances.

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