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The Spoon Cross Gear set for the Civic EP3 and Integra DC5 replaces with fifth and sixth ratio’s with shorter and more track suitable ratios for fast road and race purposes.

The standard long ratios are designed for economy and comfort, they allow a high (70-80mph) speed cruising at lower engine RPMS. Whilst this avoids using the K20 VTEC cam to save on fuel, it is not the optimum arrangement to best use the K20’s engine power and torque.

Spoon have reduced the 5th and 6th gear ratios to shorten them and allow the user to better use the power and increase acceleration in the higher gears. Achievable top speed will be reduced and become realistic.

Many customers comment this is the single most circuit beneficial medication they make to their vehicle.

Technical: Spoon (Std) 5th: 1.027 (0.972) 6th: 0.921 (0.780)

Vehicle Fitment

Suitable for Civic EP3 Type R and Integra DC5 Type R

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    The SPOON Steering Wheel is made by the top notch steering wheel manufacturer MOMO. 340mm in diameter and featuring a strong extra thick grip, this steering wheel will give you maximum performance and feel.

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    The differential is a mechanical device that allows a flexible division of drive between the wheels allowing the car to corner. Load applied to the drive wheels during acceleration and cornering is always different from left to right wheel.  Due to this wheel spin can occur causing loss of control and acceleration performance.


    The Spoon LSD is a device which automatically reduces the loss of drive which can result from wheel spin on one side of the axle. In turn this conveys power and torque through the wheel with the most grip helping the wheel accelerate the car. In other words it is a necessity for all sport and race driving.


    The Spoon LSD is of Mechanical Type 1.5 way to front wheel drive applications and 1.75 way for rear wheels drive applications. Initial torque has been set at 9-9.5 KG (cold). As a characteristic of the mechanical LSD there is some dragging of the internal gear that can be felt in low speed cornering and clicking sound that can be heard.


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